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 Word In Advance

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PostSubject: Word In Advance   Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:43 am

Ave my brothers,

4 days from now I will be stepping down as host of the 13th. I have pre-arranged with Spider who will become the new host.

Reasoning behind the change of leadership is nothing more than rotation for me, step aside and let someone else show what the can achieve with the 13th, and it is the right time for Spider to do so.

It has been an honour and privilege being host of the 13th, I have enjoyed every single second of it Smile. I can't thank you all enough for allowing me the opportunity at being host.

look past how you play the game for yourself and how you see others play, every person who is reading this was kept or promoted to a position within the 13th because I see you all hold certain individual qualities that combined makes for the best team the league could ever have to always be taking it forward in the right direction and always be looking out for the 13th best interest.

Dont be afraid to show your qualities, and don't be to arrogant not to see each others qualities, these last few weeks would have been hell for us all had you guys not demonstrated the qualities that I see.

This ain't no fecking good bye speech btw, just a, I wont be host speech Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Word In Advance   Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:34 am

Sorry to see you step down mate, I do understand the need for change and I agree that Spider will make a great Host and will lead Legio on to great things. I for one which to thankyou for all your hard work that you have done and maybe one day you will end up back as host.

I also feel that at the weekend it will be time for me to also step down as Elder and I believe the time is right to leave the game as I am not sure I am helping the league in the way which I thought I was. I dont mind receiving comments from people but for the third time running comments have been made that as I did not help these people for what ever reason they are threatening to quit. The last thing I want to do is stop people enjoying the game and certainly not cause anyone to leave the game. Rightly or wrongly I choose the actions I took as I thought it was best for the league. We have unity but not the strength in my view to take on the big players in the game and several players we have seem that just because something is at risk, a trib etc that we should defend when patience is a virtue. However I do see that for some league members all they see from me is one or two defenses here and there which at my level they think I should be defending all the time or helping out.

So as you know I have sent a mail around to all our league members around my account and I await what replies I get. As always I will let the leadership know what my final decision is.

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PostSubject: Re: Word In Advance   Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:29 am

Two bad news posts, boo! For shame guys Razz Get your butts back in there lol. Benn really busy with work myself, bugger all time to play atm but I'm still around, for now at least Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Word In Advance   

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Word In Advance
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